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Sherwood Family Law - Divorce and Child Custody laywers in Sherwood, Oregon

Custody and Divorce Attorneys in Sherwood Oregon

Divorce and Custody Lawyer Ryan Hamilton in Sherwood, ORDivorce and Custody Lawyer Sunil Raju in Sherwood, OR

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About Sherwood Family Law

Ryan Hamilton and Sunil Raju are family law attorneys.

Our office is located in the center of historic Sherwood, Oregon. We enjoy being in the heart of the city and working closely with people who live here. Our office is easily accessible from Tigard and Newberg and has plenty of parking and waiting room for your family and friends.

Our Law Firm Helps People

  1. Get divorced quickly and easily.
  2. Stay in control of their lives.
  3. Get custody of their children.
  4. Get alimony and child support.

Many of our clients who are parents fear they will be isolated from their children during and after a divorce or custody case. We believe that helping parents stay parents is one of the most important things we can do. We do this by protecting the rights of mothers and fathers in and out of court.

I need help filing or responding to a divorce

I need help getting custody or parenting time

I need help modifying child or spousal support

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Client Comments

"Ryan did an outstanding job representing me and was great to work with as well."

"Sunil is extremely dedicated to his clients. I have great confidence in him, and would not hesitate to refer friends and family to him if they need a family law attorney at their side."

"Ryan Hamilton is caring and very thorough in his assistance. He is very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him!"

"[Sunil] walked me through the whole process. Explaining both the positive and negative of my case. He handled everything, down to the smallest detail."

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16103 SW 1st St., Sherwood, OR 97140   |   (503) 655-7199 Office   |   (503) 655-7169 Fax