About Sherwood Family Law

Our Mission and Objectives

A divorce or custody dispute is the most traumatic event of almost all of our clients’ lives. We guide our clients on a path of self-discovery and make the world a better place by helping our clients become better people and parents through this process.

People who are going through a divorce or custody dispute have their lives on the line, and they don’t know what they need to do to protect themselves. When a client calls our office for the first time, we aim to provide an experience that blankets them in an atmosphere of stability and security.  We want them to know that we understand their problems, and we have tailored solutions just for them.

Every time a potential client walks through the door, they will leave in a better place.  They will have more peace of mind, more confidence and a plan on how to make their lives better because we will help them see their problems and take the steps needed to solve them.

Our Values

  1. Understanding.  We believe that the only way to help our clients is to walk a mile in their shoes.  
  2. Win The Unwinnable.  We do everything we can to help our clients achieve a better future — especially when it’s tough.
  3. Always Be Prepared.  We don’t kick the can down the road.  We prepare from the beginning with a solid plan. 
  4. Guidance.  We support our clients and help them make decisions to give them a better future.

A Promise To Our Clients

The promise we make to anyone that comes to Sherwood Family Law, is that we will take the time to understand and empathize with where you are in life.  When we understand where you are, we will help you create a plan on how to move forward and make your life better.  We will guide you step by step to a better place, so that you can worry less and have more peace of mind.

The Sherwood Oregon Community

Sherwood is a special place and we are proud to have our office nestled in the center of the city. We support local schools, charities and fundraisers, and our team is directly involved in the Chamber of Commerce. One of our goals is to always give back to the community.

Family law is more to us than just helping people through difficult divorces and custody disputes. Being part of Sherwood means that we have connections and friendships with people who live here. We don’t stop helping people after the divorce is over – and are always here as a support system for our clients.

Strict Confidentiality

Because Sherwood is a small community, we also know that privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. We value our clients’ privacy and make sure that what is discussed at the office stays confidential.