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Many of the people we help through divorce and custody cases live in all areas of Beaverton. Our office appears in Washington County Circuit Court often, knows the local rules, judges and procedures, and uses this knowledge to protect you through a divorce and custody case.

Understanding Your Needs

Our office makes it a priority to understand what it means to live in the Beaverton area, and works with local professionals to help accomplish other life changing events that are often part of a divorce, such as selling a home, refinancing a mortgage, financial and estate management, and other important changes.

It is a priority for our office to make sure that our clients have access to the help they need in all aspects of their lives, and we want that help to be as close to home as possible.

Strategy Planning Consultations

Contact our office and ask about our strategy planning consultations for divorce and custody cases. We help people create solid plans on how to move forward and protect themselves.

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