DIY Squeaky Door Repairs

We’ve all been there before!  Trying to navigate our way through our home early in the morning when everyone is asleep and attempting to stay as quiet as possible.  You tiptoe through your bedroom, skillfully maneuvering your way through piles of laundry and shoes and finally reach your bedroom door!  You ever-so-slowly open that door and then…it happens…SQUEEEAAAKK!!!  The quiet home is filled with the unwelcome sound of your squeaking door that then awakes the rest of the sleeping house!  And, let me tell you – people who get woken up early and unexpectedly tend to not be very happy about it!  So, let us help you take the “squeak” out of your mornings!

The Squeaky Hinge Gets the Grease!

Tips for fixing a squeaky door:  First things first – know where the noise is actually coming from.  To find this – all you need to do is perform the almighty “swing-test!”  Stand near the hinge and swing the door back and forth until you can pinpoint exactly where and exactly when the noise is happening. It’s a really high-tech way to go about it, huh?

After you pinpoint your location and cause, apply some lubricant to the spot where the noise came from.  Be sure to get some of it into the pin of the hinge (inside the actual hinge) to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered.  Once you’ve done so, perform the swing-test again.  If your door is still talking to you and the hinges are lubricated, we’ve got another issue on our hands!

The problem could be coming from a loose hinge so take a screwdriver and tighten all the hinges.  If that doesn’t solve the issue, we’ve got what’s called a “wood-on-wood” issue.  This can be most easily diagnosed by performing the swing test a few times and then trying to close the door.  If, when you get close to closing the door, it feels like it is springing back, then the door is bound by its’ hinge.  Easy fix!  Remove the hinge and clean out the barrel.  This will make a world of difference!  A good rule of thumb or removing the “meat” is to take a bit more than you figure it’ll need as you can always put more back in.

If, after all this, your door is still squeaking – you’ve got a very clever mouse problem!

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