“How Much will the Divorce Cost?” Part 3: How Family Law Attorneys Charge for Their Services

Not all attorneys are the same.  When you are deciding who to hire to help protect and fight for your legal rights, it is very important to ensure you find the “right fit.”  Always keep in mind that whether a case is the “right fit” is a two-way street:  Your attorney should approach your case the same way you do.

The following key questions will help you decide if your case is a good fit for the attorney you are talking to:

1.  Do you feel like you “connect with” the attorney?  Different attorneys have different communication styles, and you want to make sure you feel comfortable with the attorney you will be working with.

2.  What are your deepest fears, worries, or concerns in the case?  When you hire an attorney, you are placing your case in the hands of the attorney to guide you through the process.  You should clearly communicate what is at stake in your case, and what you would like accomplished.

3.  Do you understand the attorney’s approach to how they practice law?  At Sherwood Family Law, we like to say that we are the navigator, and our client is the driver.  We will advise our client of the all the pros and cons to consider for each option available to our client.  We also advise our client on whether we believe they are making “good” or “bad” decisions.  Ultimately, our client is the driver, and makes their choice.  Based on that choice,  the law firm will do everything possible to aggressively pursue the client’s objectives, whether that means fighting a tough case in court or means engaging in tough negotiations outside of court to get a case settled.

These types of questions will help align your expectations about your case with your attorney’s expectations about your case–i.e., these questions will help you make sure you and your attorney are on the same page.  Being on the same page with your attorney from the very beginning will help you understand and manage the cost of your case.  The cost of hiring an attorney can be daunting to many people, but do not let it prevent you from finding the right attorney to guide you through the process.


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