Your Children CAN Handle Your Divorce!

It’s always important to know how a divorce is impacting your children.   Most people believe that a divorce has to be an incredibly negative experience, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Rosalind Sedacca, a Divorce and Parenting Coach, says in her article:

“Parents who focus their love and attention on safeguarding their children’s well-being, who provide security, make sound decisions and keep their children away from adult conflict and anxiety, have children that grow up happy and well-adjusted, despite the divorce. ”

She goes on to provide 10 excellent reference points to help you know if your children are adapting:

1. They look, behave and talk as they always have.

2. They still smile, and react positively to time spent with you.

3. They ask questions about the divorce and changes ahead.

4. They feel comfortable talking about experiences with both parents.

5. They maintain momentum at school.

6. They maintain healthy relationships with their friends.

7. They continue with sports, classes or other activities.

8. They show empathy and compassion for others.

9. They talk about the future.

10. They welcome signs of affection from their parents.

Please be sure to read her entire article, 10 Signs Your Kid Is Handling Divorce in a Positive Way, for additional information on each point above.

Sherwood Family Law always makes it a priority to ensure we give parents the tools to make a divorce a smooth and easy process for your children.

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