Where to Beat the Heat!

Let’s be honest – it’s hot outside…real hot outside!

And, you know what they say; “people in Oregon don’t tan, they rust”.

While you definitely can’t beat sunny days in Oregon, we Oregonians typically aren’t ready to deal with high temperatures…especially in May! However, that doesn’t mean you have to hide away in your cool, dark basement all week! With temperatures climbing into the 90’s, we came up with a “Top Ten” list of creative ways to beat the heat this week:

Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

  1. Put a kiddie pool in the backyard and splash around (by the way – pets love this one too!)1
  2. Rent a snowcone machine and invent a new flavor
  3.  Browse around a bookstore and have everyone choose one book to take home (or spend the whole day at Powell’s Bookstore!)
  4. Spend the afternoon cooling off at the water fountain at Town Center Park
  5. Take a day trip to Mt. Hood National Forest and hike around (it is typically about 10 degrees cooler up there than Portland)
  6. Spend the day at Hagg Lake in Beaverton (rates are $6 for a regular daily pass)
  7.  Attend “knitting night” at the Sherwood Library (every Thursday from 6-8pm and all ages/skill levels are welcome!)
  8. Spend a day at Pioneer Place downtown: Grab some chocolate at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe, then go play with toys at the Mac store, and finish by  playing Scrabble near the water feature in the food court
  9. Go ice skating at the Sherwood Ice Arena…check the public skating schedule here
  10. Go bowling! Several bowling centers also have arcade games, food, and more! Check out Sunset Lanes or Big Al’s (both in Beaverton).

These are just some of the many activities around our area you can do to stay cool in these hot temperatures. Whatever you choose to do, and wherever you choose to go to stay cool this week, we hope you enjoy time together with friends and family!

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