Oregon Parenting Class During a Divorce with Children – Yes, it’s Mandatory!

classroomAny time parents with minor children have decided to move forward with a divorce or custody case in Washington County, Multnomah County, Clackamas County or Yamhill County, they are required to take a parenting class right away.

Many parents are very reluctant to take a parenting class, but they shouldn’t be!  The classes hosted by each county are extremely informative.  They are designed to help parents learn how to co-parent.

The reality of any situation involving a divorce or custody dispute, is that it is very likely the parents are not working well together, and have never learned how to parent in a divided family.  The required classes will teach some of those skills, and also help parents cope with the change that a rigid parenting plan can bring.

Washington County utilizes a program called Kids’ Turn.

Clackamas County offers Parents Helping Children Cope with Family Change.

Multnomah County uses the Parent Education Program.

Yamhill County offers Kid’s 1st Parent Education Class.

Understanding and reviewing the course dynamics for your particular county will help you get a jumpstart on this process.


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