Preparing the Kids for Summer Reading

It’s hard to believe that summer is right around the corner!  While it’s important to find fun outdoor activities for the kiddos during the day, what about finding fun books for them to read in the evenings?  Not only will you fill their evenings with adventure, but you will beat the “summer brain drain” that tends to happen when that final school bell rings signaling summertime!

This year, find new and exciting titles to keep your kids engaged! Our library here in Sherwood is a fantastic resource for some great titles that span the age groups if you need help finding some recommendations. Or you can check out Start With a Book to find a treasure trove of ideas for varied interests!

If you prefer, you can also sign up together for a summer reading challenge! Check out the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. This enables kids to keep track of their reading minutes all summer, take on weekly challenges and earn rewards for meeting those challenges, and they may also participate in the challenge to set a new reading world record!

You could also pick a summer theme to learn about (maybe flowers, kites, or the beach!). Choose books within that theme and learn about it together, then go and do an activity involving that theme. Go to the market and make a bouquet, get out your crafting supplies and make a kite, or take a day and go to the beach!

Or, if you’d like some more ideas (divided by age group), check out Reading Rockets for some really great ways to make reading a part of every child’s summer!

Remember:  We are the example to our children.  If they see us engaged in reading and with a love for learning, they tend to follow suit.  Whatever you choose to do with your kids this summer, be sure to take up the challenge yourself and do it together!

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