Divorce & Custody Consultations That Provide Peace Of Mind

We have created a consultation process for divorce and custody cases that truly helps you plan your next steps and find security for your children, finances and future.

Your Consultation Experience

Scheduling a consultation with a divorce and child custody expert is a step many people are afraid to take.  People don’t know what to expect, how much it will cost, if they can trust the law firm, or if they are ready to walk the path of a divorce or custody case.

Sherwood Family Law does everything to make this process as smooth a possible. The first consultation will be an uplifting, helpful, and calming experience.If a problem exists, a solution must also exist.  

Our team has empathetic and passionate professionals who are dedicated to finding the best solutions for your problems.  You will leave your first consultation with a plan toward a happier and more secure future.

What To Expect At The Consultation

The consultation is a chance for us to meet. It is an opportunity to learn about what we need to do to help you through your specific case. It is your chance to ask us any questions you have. You will clearly know by the end of the consultation whether we are the right firm for your needs.It is important to us that we learn about your expectations and goals, and what is causing you fear or worry.  We will take the chance to ask questions that drill deep into the problems, so that we can truly understand how to help.  For example, where do you want to be five years from now – spiritually, emotionally and physically? If you just “want it to be over” – what does “over” look like to you?  The goal is to find answers to these questions so we can create the right plan for you.

What Does A Consultation Cost?

We offer two consultation options:  We have a limited number of case evaluations each week for a discounted rate with one of our non-attorney director of client relations.  Alternatively, for those who are interested in driving deeper into their problems and solutions we offer a full 30-60 minute case evaluation with an attorney at a discounted rate.

The Consultation Step-By-Step

  1. We will e-mail you a link to fill out a questionnaire in advance of the consultation, so that we can be better prepared to help you.
  2. We ask that you fill out a brief confidentiality form when you arrive in our waiting area on the day of the consultation.  
  3. We will offer coffee, water, or tea.We will meet in a private office, with room to bring someone with you if you wish.
  4. We will take the first half of the consultation to talk about why you scheduled the consultation.  This is your opportunity to help us understand why you are here, and what you need help with.  It’s a good opportunity to help us see the big picture.
  5. We will use the second half of the consultation to understand what solutions you really need, and start forming a plan on how to accomplish those solutions.
  6. At the end of the consultation, we will discuss costs based on your specific needs.  Every situation is different, so it is impossible to discuss costs unless we know what we need to do first.