Elyse Bickell

Director of Client Relations

My Role At Sherwood Family Law

I originally joined Sherwood Family Law as our legal receptionist.  I discovered that as part of my job, helping people schedule consultations and exploring how our firm can help them was extremely rewarding.  I’ve transitioned into this role on a full time basis, where I give our clients focus and clarity on what matters the most to them, so that our attorneys know exactly how to help.  My job is to help people see the path to a better future, and give them peace of mind through this process.       

About Me

My husband and I both grew up in the Pacific Northwest and we can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love the outdoors, from the beaches to the mountains and everything in between. In the summer, you can find us camping, hiking, and paddle boarding. However, when the rain comes (as it often does), I really appreciate a warm fire, good book or Netflix marathon.