Child Support In Oregon

Child support awards are an important part of every custody and parenting plan. Read below to see which factors influence a child support award.

How Oregon Child Support Is Determined

Oregon child support awards are typically based on a few major factors:

  • Parenting time as laid out in the parenting plan;
  • Income of each parent;
  • Health care costs for the parents and children;
  • Child care costs.

This is why it is very important to focus on drafting a parenting plan right the first time. We will help you understand exactly how a child support award is calculated, and help find ways to make sure that child support can be uniquely tailored to your situation.

Guideline Child Support Calculations

Child support is calculated based on guideline amounts by default.  The calculator can be found at The Oregon Division of Child Support.

If you do not agree with the basic guideline calculation, we can assist you with finding a non-guideline calculation that takes additional facts into account.