How To Choose A Divorce Attorney In Oregon

Divorce and custody cases are highly emotional. Every attorney has a different method in how they help you find solutions to your problems. The way to get to the best solutions is to choose an attorney who works with your personality. The following four questions will help you choose the best divorce attorney.

Does This Attorney Listen To Me?

If the attorney cannot listen, you should hire someone different.  Only an attorney that listens can understand how to help you best.

Can I Be Honest With This Attorney?

If you cannot be honest and share the details that are embarrassing or possibly harmful, address this up front. Divorce and custody cases can depend on the undisclosed and embarrassing facts.

Will I Take Direction From This Attorney?

Sometimes an attorney has to tell you something you don’t want to hear.  This can be very difficult to accept.  You have to be able to trust your attorney, and know that their advice is offered only to help.  You are going to go through a divorce and custody case once.  We have helped people through hundreds.  Find someone you trust enough to follow.

What Style Of Attorney Do I Need?

Be honest with yourself about what kind of attorney you want from the start.  If you want an attack dog, then find one.  If you want someone level headed and fair, seek that person out.  Not every attorney you meet with will be who you want.

A good attorney will also know what kind of client works well with their practice.  If an attorney does not feel comfortable representing you, they should decline to accept your case.  We sometimes meet with clients and choose not to represent them, because our philosophy is not to fight and destroy the opposing party.  Our goal is to get you through this fairly and in a way that isn’t costly — financially or emotionally.  We are honest about that up front with our clients.  You should be honest an up front about what it is you are looking for as well.